Disclaimer and FAQs

Recipe Accuracy
I have transcribed these recipes to the best of my ability, but sometimes I may still make mistakes. I try to double-check my work, and will adjust the recipes at a later date with a note explaining the change if this does occur. Some recipes are old time favorites and have been used repeatedly over the years, this may be indicated within the story portion of the post. Some recipes may be new to me but I just loved how they turned out. All-in-all the important thing is that I share these posts with you because I love how that recipe or process turned out. I promise to never share anything that hasn't been approved by myself, and one or more of, my husband, family members, and/or friends.

"Kitchen Tested" means that I have followed my own recipe exactly at a post-secondary date, not including the first time the recipe is posted. Even though a recipe may be a family favorite and has been used for years (from paper or recipe book) before getting posted to the Braumeister's Wife, I will not call it "kitchen tested." This special designation is applied to my recipes that I have used directly from reading it off of my own blog and following it verbatim. This is to double-check ingredient listings, measurements, times, and process verification. By doing this I believe my users will have a better success rate and after all, this is the reason I share recipes, so that others have a positive cooking experience.

Food Blog Ethics
Every post is original including all content: writing, photos, some recipes. If I have used another source for a recipe, I source it underneath the title of the recipe. Recipe writing copyright laws only protect the explanation and process of a recipe as original writing, it does not include the list of ingredients. All of my process and recipe explanation is my original writing, I will never copy someone else's original steps. A basic rundown of what I do here on the Braumeister's Wife, and what other recipe writers do elsewhere, is giving credit accordingly:

"Adapted from" indicates that the entire ingredient list, maybe with one or two items changed, is creative property of said author. (90%-100% source's ingredients)

"Inspired by" indicates that the original ingredient list has been modified substantially by changing 3-4 or more ingredients. (50%-75% source's ingredients)

"Original Recipe" indicates that to the authors knowledge, the ingredient list is mainly composed of original ingredients. If another recipe was used as inspiration, but 5-7 ingredients were changed, you may call it "original," but if you as the recipe writer found the original recipe helpful and beneficial, I would still consider listing them as a source. (0%-40% source's ingredients)

Thank you for following me on my culinary adventure! I hope this information was helpful and beneficial, don't hesitate to contact me for further information and/or requests.

-Rachel, the Braumeister's Wife
theyeux [at] gmail [dot] com

Photograph of Rachel in header is by Brothers Wright Photography © 2008. Lastly, please note that I monitor comments to retain a positive community. Thanks! 
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