Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baseball Cupcakes

It was sweet Colby's birthday last weekend. He loves baseball and is a great pitcher. I have known him since he was a little guy, and have always had his mom in my life who is a wonderful lady (who loved my mom like a sister). She commissioned me to make some cupcakes for the birthday party, and I enthusiastically said yes. I love baking for others. 

The technical things. I have been trying to master some gum paste skills, so this was my second project using the medium. (The first one isn't quite done yet..) After making the gum paste, I used coconut oil (NOT water!) to help keep the dough from cracking, as well as microwave it for 5 secs (literally all it needs). Just keep your hands moist with coconut oil (or shortening) and knead it until it is perfectly smooth and satiny. Sprinkle a little cornstarch on your non-stick pan, roll the gum paste thin and cut out the circles using a cutter. I let the circles dry in a non-stick brownie pan for a day (about 24 hours). 

The next day I painted the red stitches with gel color thinned out with vodka (or you can use clear vanilla extract). Just don't use water to thin out the gel colors because gum paste and fondant will disintegrate when in contact with water. 

The cupcakes are my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe with a shiny Italian Meringue Buttercream. My first time making that too, woo, so many firsts huh? More dessert projects to be posted regularly. If you have any questions please ask, or if you have any fabulous baking blogs you'd like to share with me, please do! 

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