Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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We've been making some conscious efforts to implement new healthy habits into our diet and lifestyle. Since they mainly revolve around food choices, I thought I'd share a few with you. Maybe you're already doing these, or have some good health tips of your own. If so, don't hesitate to share in the comments section below!

Something that is huge for us is adding Coconut Oil into our diet and lifestyle. We use it in place of oil or butter a lot, not always, but when the recipe seems appropriate or we don't mind the coconut flavor pairing. We also use it as our main skin moisturizer, yes even on the face. At first it's tricky to find the balance because you don't want an excess amount, so always start small and build up when you apply it. We also eat it cold and straight out of the jar daily. Just about a 1/2 tsp daily. There are so many benefits, we have totally integrated this product into our lives. We use organic and unprocessed coconut oil. In Polynesian cultures where coconut is consumed in large amounts, there are little to no signs of heart disease. Research is still out on this, but the scientific essays so far that are published show good things. Another interesting connection with these people that were/are studied is that they have little to no problems with digestion and bowel movements. Something we don't really want to or like to talk about, but good digestion equals good health so it's worth mentioning. Good digestion equals better health, also clearer skin. On a personal note, I have tossed out the expensive botanical cleanser, and have replaced it with honey and sugar scrubs, finishing always with coconut oil as my moisturizer. (Check out my natural skin routine on the Roses Blog!) (Coconut Oil Resources: Research pdf via The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition / A good resource on why good fat is REALLY good for you, proponent of Coconut Oil / Articles on High and Low Cholesterol and what they mean in relation to consuming Good Fat)

The next thing we have incorporated into our diet is Himalayan Pink Salt. I learned about it through a cancer study, and the study was listing all of the fabulous things Himalayan Pink Salt does. It brings good minerals into your diet, which we in our western culture are practically devoid of, it regulates hormones and your thyroid apparently too. I also learned that having iodine in your diet actually fights cancer. Who would have known? Table salt doesn't quite cut it because of how much processing it goes through, and what is added back at the end is pretty insignificant. Because of this I have also started eating seaweed as a snack. Aside from the health, Himalayan Pink Salt tastes really good too. It's pretty light in flavor, and pretty to look at too. (Iodine benefits / Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits)

The last thing I want to mention is Kefir. I have been purchasing Kefir for the past six months or so. I wanted to start bringing it into our diet, because it delivers a bunch of good probiotics to your gut. Again with the healthy gut talk. My main reason for this is because if you have a healthy gut, you are better suited to ward off sickness and disease. Billy had been getting sick a lot prior to consistantly drinking Kefir, so I really wanted his immune system to get a boost. So far so good, his sicknesses (colds, etc.) have been happening less and lately, not at all. (Kefir Benefits pdf via Food Science Central)

So that is my little health update. I'm not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, and I am also not guaranteeing anything either. Please research these things before adapting them into your diet or talk to your doctor first about if these choices are healthy for you. —R

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