Sunday, December 23, 2012

Creativity and Guest Posts

Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

Through the medium of blogging, I am able to share with family, friends, and people around the world, simple yet delicious recipes. The months that preceded my final decision to start strictly a "food" blog I was so inspired by the great bloggers out there, whether it be the well-known food blogs, or closer to home, the personal blogs written by dear friends and acquaintances. I love being a part of such a great community of writers and artists, and frankly, at times feel inadequate in comparison to these amazing people. Although I may feel "inadequate" I can't stop writing and sharing because I know that to create truly great art, you can't compare yourself to other artists, you just have to be true to yourself and create what truly inspires you. You have to produce without prematurely feeling the "criticism." In the moment of inspiration and creativity, it's just you and the paint, just you and your fingers typing away, or just you and ..fill in the blank. I was reminding my husband of this the other day when we were feeling the career, money, and "why do I have to be the artist??" crunch. We both have to remember, and you other creative people out there, that we create art that is a true representation of ourselves; not art that is strictly there to impress people or to "fit-in" with popular demand just to make money. The minute you start producing for those reasons, the art/outcome will surely begin to turn to crap, or put nicely, turn to "craft" in which you as the artist may begin to lose what made you the artist in the first place. 

After that long tirade, my point in mentioning all of this is since I was and am so inspired by other bloggers (or more widely even- other artists), I wanted to openly invite you to write a guest post for my food blog "the Braumeister's Wife." Along with your background story pertaining to the recipe, and the recipe and process itself, please include at least one photo, or an illustrated recipe that accompanies the written recipe. Submit requests to theyeux [at] gmail [.] com with a link to your blog or website. This offer is open to anyone with a tested recipe, who may be an artist, writer, photographer, or fellow food-blogger. Even if you don't have your own blog, but love a recipe you want to share, the offer is still open to you too.
Within inquiry, please include the following:

Basic format: 
1. One to four photos, or illustration/painting/drawing (dimensions not to exceed: width 460 pixels and height 800 pixels or less)
2. Your introduction/ about you
2. Relate your experience/story pertaining to the included recipe
3. Actual recipe, including:
  • recipe name 
  • recipe's credit "adapted from, inspired by, or original recipe." Read my disclaimer for more information.
  • cook/prep time
  • yield 
  • ingredient list with proper measurements
  • process/ method with steps listed "1).. 2).."
  • what your recipe is best served with, if pertinent
4. Your blog url or website to connect my readers to you! 

Thank you fellow artists, writers, and bloggers, 
Rachel R. - the Braumeister's Wife
theyeux [at] gmail [.] com

Paintings by Rachel, more information can be found at


  1. I'm interested in guest posting! we should guest post on each others blogs that would be so fun!

  2. Yay! That would be awesome! I would be honored to feature one of your posts, your photography is so lovely.


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