Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Forming a No-Knead Loaf

Along the way of my bread making journey, I have found that pictures are very helpful. I had been able to gather enough information from the things I read to form a successful loaf, but especially in the beginning was very doubtful of what I was doing. At times I was disappointed with not being able to produce the same outcome twice. I wondered why sometimes my loaves seemed to over-expand during their rise, and I definitely wanted a solution. I finally stumbled upon the Fresh Loaf's pictorial to creating a tight exterior, and ever since learning this trick, my loaves have risen gracefully without breaking down towards the end of an hour. Since pictures are important to my learning ability, and maybe to yours as well, I created a step-by-step that shows how I form a loaf, create a tight exterior, and the two different rise options I use. Hope this helps. Happy baking!

The bread pictured here is my sourdough. I baked both loaves using the dutch oven method. For recipe and further directions:
Sourdough | Using a Dutch Oven
Sourdough | What is a "Couche?"
Sourdough Series | The Beginning, Starter Recipe
Video on How to Form a Loaf

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