Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cake Commission | Kitchen Test

I was commissioned to bake and frost a carrot cake for a friend. She liked my Gorgeous Carrot Cake with Modern Frosting, so I was able to personally "kitchen test" my own recipe. I used my whipped buttercream for the frosting, because I liked the taste when I used it on my vanilla cupcakes awhile back. The texture is more airy so you see bubbles when you pipe it, so if you're looking for a finer finish, then I'd recommend the old fashioned buttercream. I did update my original carrot cake recipe to use the whipped buttercream, but after tasting it myself both ways, if you want the traditional taste of carrot cake, I think I'd still recommend the old fashioned buttercream. If you want something different and a little more unique, try the whipped buttercream. Taste and texture variations: the old fashioned buttercream, tastes more like icing, much sweeter, more uniform texture; and the whipped buttercream is richer, tastes closer to whipped butter, with a slighter sweetness, and the texture is more airy so you do see air bubbles when you pipe it.

I had extra batter and extra icing, so I played around with a different design on the smaller cake. I loved how it turned out. It kind of looks like an eastern Indian flower design. To imitate that design, pipe dots on the outer edge around the top of the cake. Smear each dot inward towards the center. Repeat on the second ring. I started smearing each dot immediately after piping it, because it gets a little crammed. Finish with a dot in the middle. I tapered my center dot with upward strokes using the spoon to make it look more flower-like.

Happy baking!

Referenced Recipes:
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  1. What a cute blog you have! Following <3 alex

  2. This is a gorgeous cake. And my very favorite kind. And I wish it would jump off of the computer screen and into my lap.

    Thanks for stopping by "my place". You have some great recipes on here:)


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