Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Time | On Being Industrious

Living back at home has its pros and cons. It has been a wonderful thing to be here for my family, getting to serve them with basic things such as cooking and cleaning. I also am relishing the time I have here again with them, spending time with them. Of course being married and having lived outside of the family home for more than 3 years (not including college years), and going back, there is some adjusting that has to be done. Billy and I remind ourselves (if  quarters start seeming too tight) of all of the good things we get to have while here. Besides the more serious aspects, one of the good things for me is that I have a lot of time at home. This summer not being in school, I find myself getting to make things from scratch, being industrious, which I feel is what being healthy is all about. The things I'm into this summer are learning how to can and how to make all of my breads from my own yeast starter.

Canning started seeming appropriate with the abundance of grape leaves in mid June. Billy and I love dolmas, those Greek stuffed grape-leaf appetizers. My dad is so proud of his grape vines, and I thought to actually use them in food preparation and not to let them go to waste, would be a great investment of my time. 

I am also taking it a step further with making my own jam. I'm learning how to do small-batch canning where I can use lemon juice instead of pectin, although someday I'll learn how to can the normal way I'm sure. 

The last thing I've been trying to conquer is my own yeast starter, which is really healthy for you compared to the dry yeast that is sold in grocery stores. An interesting aspect of creating wild yeast (with flour and water alone) is that some people who have a gluten intolerance can actually eat bread made with natural, wild yeast as opposed to bread made with dry (typical GMO) yeast. So far with this method of incorporating my own starter or sponge, has created loaves that are flat, so I'm researching better bread making techniques.

All-in-all a fun industrious summer, Billy as usual making his own beer from scratch, and I getting to do the things that complement it so well. I will keep you all updated on these fun adventures in the kitchen, along with pictures and recipes! Hope you all have a great 4th.

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