Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Look into my "Recipe Tab" Favorites

I love to cook and bake from recipes I find online. It is a cool connection to others across the world wide web, where you put a little creativity forth based on someone else's work and have the gratification of eating something divine. When I do my normal blog browsing through my favorite blogs, I often save recipes to my Recipes tab, in hopes of trying them later. I do it automatically now, because I've had too many instances of, "Hey, that was a good looking recipe, but where did I see that again?" I have my Recipes tab, but under that I also have subcategories, titled Condiments, Appetizers, Snacks, Soup and Stew, Salad, Dinner, Bread, Dessert, How To, and Sources. It really helps when it comes to meal planning and then I also get to utilize the recipes by other sources or blogs.
Since browsing these recently, I decided to post my favorite go-to's. Share them with you, so you could enjoy them as well. What are your favorite internet-found recipes?

The easiest Black Bean and Chicken Enchiladas that can be pulled together with leftover chicken and a few pantry staples.

I love salad and vinaigrettes are good, but I prefer... Bleu Cheese Dressing, and this Simple Caesar Salad.

Rachael Ray has been a good source for me because she creates meals on a dime and they definitely pack a flavorful punch. I love this Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup (although I add less pumpkin than she) and her Sante Fe Tortilla Soup.

During the hotter months when we're grilling a lot, I like to toss this Potato, Green Bean, and Feta Cheese salad together. When we first tried it out, we both looked at each other and said, why didn't we think of this before?  

This is a great source for all kinds of Macaroni and Cheese. It's worth checking out, every one I've tried is outstanding.

I've posted this recipe before with my own little adjustments, but it is a constant re-make in our home, that you'll have to try it sometime. Jamie Oliver's Asparagus and Potato Tart.

I love these Apple and Cheddar Scones, and realized they were listed under "Bread" and "Dessert." That should be a good indicator of their deliciousness.

Apartment Therapy has some great recipes, and this Chocolate Pudding is a go to for a night when I need dessert, and quick. They also posted this Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, and by hand-mixing, they are truly the best Chocolate Chip Cookies I've ever made. The texture is perfect, and hopefully you don't think I'm too strange, but the saltiness is a welcome change to a cloyingly sweet treat.

A beautiful, light cheesecake, perfect for Strawberry Season. Thank you again and again, Zoe!

If you have a hankering for Blueberry Muffins, with a healthy whole-wheat kick, you'll love these.

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