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Fats and Certain Diet, with Links

Ever since Bible College and taking a class on nutrition with Theresa Holden, I've learned about eating organic and having a nutrient rich diet. Since Spring Semester 2006, I've been totally interested in learning about eating healthy and how to do it better. It's always about learning and backing up your convictions with research.

Even more recently, the topic of diet has come to mind on more serious terms. My family is facing cancer. My mom was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer. I know certain people who have been healed through homeopathic remedies and raw diets; but others who were diligent in them, who did not make it through. My family is making our own decisions in this matter, and we're moving forward with a Melanoma cancer specialist down in Phoenix. Along with what he suggests, we want to get her on a diet that will help soothe her stomach but that will also provide healing, nutrient rich, properties. So many people have suggested different diets to me mostly via facebook, and although I know how sincere and loving they are, it's really hard to take it all in. Slowly but surely, I'm reading through the links and documents people have sent, trying to make the right decision in what would be appropriate for us.

I kept on resisting reading a familiar holistic doctor I frequently refer to. I know he promotes high fat diets, good fats, and I couldn't wrap my mind around it in light of cancer. I've been thinking of trying an alkaline diet, or something along those lines. Because of these thoughts, I skipped reading his opinion on cancer for weeks and weeks, until tonight. I started reading his article on cancer. He supports his view with research based on historically proven cancer free/heart disease free indigenous tribes. We've been following this doctor's guidelines for a couple years now, and it's interesting what his views are on cancers. He also mentions other cancer diets and what he believes is missing from them. It's a very thorough examination, and interesting too.

I am still processing all of this information and trying to make the best diet plan for my mom (understanding she is the one who ultimately makes her own diet decision). The article is very interesting if you have about a half hour to read it. He talks about different treatments he does, and the diet aspect as well. I support my mom whole heartedly in whatever decision she makes for herself, no matter what she chooses, with her diet or the treatment prescribed her. She is completely competent to make her own decision, and the main thing is that she is surrendered to God during this most trying time. People are always the most important thing; the number one thing. After people then your philosophies can follow, which include diet preferences. I know I need help in this area, to be more humble in my own opinions, and to love others as a priority. God will supply the wisdom we need if we ask Him.

Following all of my background information and sort-of disclaimer, cancer or no cancer, here is my list of yummy things:

Sourdough Starter to make a delicious loaf of Sourdough. Delicious and satisfying, and according to a favorite doctor (of the holistic persuasion), healthy for you! Along with many other fermented foods and drinks. (Not appropriate for a cancer fighting diet, just for those who are able to eat a "normal" diet.)

Eat more fat in your diet, especially butter, and other healthy oils such as olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut and palm oil. I'll stick with the butter and olive oil for now to be easier on the wallet. Interesting study in relationship to cancer patients and eating good fats:
There is a back up fuel source: ketones from fats. Cancer cells cannot metobolize ketones. Normal cells do fine on ketones; we know this from fifty years of successfully utilizing a therapeutic very high-fat ketogenic diet. Cancer patients on a ketogenic diet will often have their tumors shrink and will halt their cachexia—their physical wasting and weight loss. The cancer cells starve on a ketogenic diet, but normal cells thrive. [Read More]
Super hippie looking book cover, but once you start reading, you see how it's focused on traditional diet and the science behind it. Check it out on AmazonNourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats.

Although for a cancer diet you should avoid grains, which turn to sugar in your body, you should eat a variety of grains if you're creating a normal diet plan for yourself. (Not including processed and sugared grains.) Good, because I love grains and homemade bread I have to admit!

So my summation is this, a diet rich in healthy fats, that are organic and nutrient packed (especially homemade chicken stock!!!), and huge amount of nutrient/vitamin rich vegetables that are low in starch. No sugar, no milk, no bread. I hate the "no's" but it's supposed to make a difference, so it's worth it! 
So much research to do still, but it's one baby step at a time. 

In so many words,

Quote on the Traditional Diet based on Hunter/Gatherer Diet:
"It was not a low-protein diet but a diet that included adequate protein, and then about thirty-five percent fermented grains, low-starch seeds, nuts and vegetables and perhaps a natural sweetener, such as honey." Resource | Sample Menus

Quote on the GAPS Diet applicable for a cancer fighting diet:
"...In the GAPS diet we eliminate all disaccharides including sugar, potatoes, sweet potatoes and grains; lactose is also a disaccharide so fluid milk, even raw milk, needs to be avoided. The diet emphasizes lots of healthy fats like butter, ghee and coconut oil, grass-fed meats and organ meats, wild seafood, fermented raw dairy products, low-starch vegetables, some fruit, bone broths and cod liver oil." Resource | Resource


  1. i know this post is about a month old, but i'll definitely be praying for you and your family, rachel. i can imagine the difficulties of trying to find the right diet, and i admire your love and respect for your mom over any persuasions.

    it is exciting to read that butter & healthy fats are good for you... especially in this home. i want to look more into all this :) love you both.

  2. Thanks so much for the prayers, I really appreciate it.
    Yeah, I was sort of blown away by the good fats idea from this Doctor. Worth checking out,it makes total sense.
    Love you guys too and praying for you too!


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