Monday, October 17, 2011

Humble Beginnings

So I'm beginning this blog under curious terms, the intent did not start out this way, as it was supposed to be a place flourishing with recipes from a Braumeister's Wife (Brewer's Wife). But it just so happens as I have opened up shop, that my husband and I have fallen under tough times. Because of this, my blog's beginnings are truly humble beginnings. We now shop for ingredients with money left over at the end, rather than a whole budget dedicated to the purchase of food. I have to share with you where we are honestly at because maybe others, and I'm sure of it, are in the same boat we are in. Maybe we can help each other out as fellow food lovers, seeking better times, yet who still need to eat now; or maybe this blog will just serve to show our development as "gourmetiers."
I have to admit, I'm not that good at saving money when it comes to buying groceries. I have other friends who are amazing at this, but I am definitely in the learning stages of saving. I have some issues. I love to eat as healthy as possible. Now these days healthy is a relative term, but you can read our views on our family blog. I like to shop organic and eat as little processed food as possible. In these tighter times, I struggle with mixing these concepts: saving money and eating healthy. Sometimes the tiny budget wins out and I compromise on things (organic or heavily vegetable based meals), but we hope our health understanding still sculpts our newly adapted $45 (or less) a week budget.

Cheap Ideas for Two or More:
#1) Spaghetti or Fettuccine with Tomato Sauce (canned tomato paste and diced tomatoes) with Ground Beef. Use on hand dried spices, ideas include: oregano, italian seasoning, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, bay leaf (discard afterwards). Also add one chopped vegetable such as bellpepper or carrots.

#2) Vegetarian Bean Soup in the crock pot. Use MSG free vegetable/chicken bouillon, or create your own broth from scratch and save for later, individual uses. Use dried beans and soak over night in water, next day rinse and add to crock pot, cover with broth. Add any odds and ends of other bean packs that have been in your pantry for awhile. Toss in a diced tomato or two, carrots, onion, garlic. Suggested spices: red pepper flakes, cumin, salt, pepper, italian seasoning, bay leaf (discard afterwards).

#3) One Meat, Three Meals: Pork Roast. Carnitas Tacos, Carnitas Chili with Custard Cornbread, and Southwestern Savory Bread Pudding.

#4) Potato Soup

#5) Meat and Vege on Sale. Buy whatever meat is on sale or cheapest (with it looking good to eat of course). Sometimes a whole chicken is on sale where you can use the meat for two meals. Prepare it how you wish with vegetables of your choice or again whatever was on sale.

By the grace of God, I hope our blog flourishes and brings you and your family great meal and dessert ideas in the future to come! Thank you for stopping by!
-Rachel R

P.S.: What are your cheap meal ideas?


  1. Hey Rachel!

    Very excited about your new blog- and looking forward to trying out some of your recipes! :)

    Have a great week!


  2. Hey Rachel been there done that and and there some of the time! I have a whole lot of cheap meal ideas if you would care to have them. The spegehtti sauce can go without meat as well as use it for lazagnas use cottage cheeses and mozerella instead of rocotta and parmezaean. A pot of Pinto beans are great for chilies, tostadas, tacos, burritos. Black beans as well. Taco salads. Grow your own lettuce, and spinich celantro too. Where you live you can still grow these and they will not freeze. More ideas maybe later! Luv ya Mom Ada

  3. Great ideas Momma Ada! I would love to have all of your go-to meal ideas. Email them anytime! Thanks so much :) love you!


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